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Adam Feuerberg

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Chris Guidry

Chris GuidryChris currently lives in Las Vegas, NV with his wife Marchelle and 3 children. He works as a property claims field inspector and enjoys being a geek in his free time. Between bantering with his wife about the sci-fi adventure flicks of old and geeking out over new tech, Chris is always in search for more geek-oriented fun! A follower of the Geektastic Podcast as well as the comedic ventures of Mike Hover (a high school friend), Chris is excited to be a part of all things geek.
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Angela Kimzey

Angela KimzeyAlso known as Dragnmistris within the gaming community, Angela describes herself as a connoisseur of life. By day she is the Community Manager for a major game design company. By night she can be seen engaging in fandom, fervently gaming, traveling somewhere for adventure, or attempting to “art” while watching re-runs of her favorite shows.
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Patrick Mason

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Eric Morago

What We Ache For Photo Shoot 1Eric Morago has been reading comic books since before he realized girls didn’t have cooties.  In high school everyone thought he was going to illustrate comic books for a living, because he turned every art project into an opportunity to draw superheroes, but instead he settled on a more realistic career path—a poet.  His first book, What We Ache For (Moon Tide Press 2010) has been hailed as “a trans-human experience of love and wonder,” and he thinks that’s pretty rad.  He has an M.F.A in Creative Writing from California State University, Long Beach, and lives to write in Whittier, CA.  Send him your geek love at
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Melanie Parazo

Melanie Parazo
Jumping on the wagon with both feet. New to blogging but lifetime nerd. Resides in the adult world but lives in movies and shows. Hopes to one day “make it big” but not quite sure how. We’ll see how it goes!
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Meg Sevier

Meg SevierMeg Sevier is a virtual content slinging, Sherlockian X-Phile, whose love of BTTF only slightly outweighs her penchant for witty Downton Abby-isms, and reruns of either Quantum Leap or Designing Women
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Oscar Reyes

Oscar ReyesOscar is a Los Angeles native, and has been a geek ever since he saw and loved Howard the Duck back in the 80’s. Oscar works in the Aerospace industry but also likes to write, edit films, and on occasion direct. When the zombie apocalypse finally happens, Oscar is the guy you want in your survival group. His field of expertise is zombies, and he will be writing reviews and blogs on all things zombie related.
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Johnny Roque

Johnny Roque

Johnny Roque has an English Degree so this is a huge “suck it” to everybody that told him he would not end up using his degree in the real world. He is a stand-up comedian that loves to contribute to awesome blogs like Geektastic, SmirkFiction and just about anything that will publish his material. In person he does not look like a geek, but he is a huge fan of comic books, super-hero origins, RPG games, pop culture, PC games, gadgets, and porn according to his search history because everybody’s search history shows their true colors.
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Chris St Jacques

Chris St JacquesAmateur sea captain. Writer. Lover of that outfit you are currently wearing. Is it new?
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David Truong

IMG_2724Games, movies and comics: the holy trinity of geekdom. I stay true to them all, although I tend to hold games above the others. I’ve been known to buy a console just to play one game, (Shenmue anyone?) however my drug of choice these days is Starcrack II.
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Ted Woods

ERMAHGERD KERMACKSA life-long sci-fi/fantasy/superhero fan, Ted started seriously collecting comics in 2005 with Brian Michael Bendis’ “New Avengers” on-going series.  His favorite creators include Jason Aaron, Tom Waltz, Robert Kirkman, J. Michael Starzynski, Scott Snyder, and many more.  His day job is in radio production and his talents can be heard across the country and in LA on KAMP, KROQ, and KRTH. 
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