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Last night, Fox aired “Skin” the second episode in their two-part premier extravaganza of the sci-fi series  Almost Human, starring Karl Urban and Michael Ealy.

As you recall from yesterday’s review of the pilot, I was not entirely impressed. The story was clunky and predictable, and the relationship between Kennex and Dorian while at times entertaining, was still just as clunky and predictable. Luckily I am not alone. It seems critics everywhere are split in twain on what they think about the new venture by Wyman/Abrams, the Wonder Twins of sci-fi-tv.

Advanced Sexual Robotics

Advanced Sexual Robotics

I went into last night’s episode ready for the worst and hoping for at least a glimmer of hope for this rough in the diamond (seriously…this production is BIG budget). And lucky for me, the writers waited until Episode Two to roll out the sex bots. Ahem, pardon me: advanced sexual robotics.

With an eye-roll I watched the story unfold. Criminals are kidnapping young women and harvesting their DNA to give Sex Bots, like Charlene (Darla Taylor) to the left, the most realistic skin ever. Okay…HEAVY eye-roll.

The show still had what it looks like will be its “signature” moments: we saw more awesome tech like the DNA bomb and Flash Mask, the awkward engineer was still super awkward, and Kennex and Dorian shared some decent witty banter.

Unfortunately for me, these first two episodes did not hook me enough to bring me back next weekAlmost Human "Skin". The overarching story line at this point is so thin, it’s almost non-existent. The Kennex/Dorian dynamic is the most interesting thing the show has to offer and even that isn’t juicy enough to keep me plugged in (pun intended).

But leave it to the internet, folks. There’s already fans with LOADS of bromantic references to the relationship between Dorian and John, and even theories that Kennex, played by Urban, is himself an android (Bladerunner, anyone). And the lovely Detective Stahl (Minka Kelly). And the tech wiz, Rudy Lom (Mackenzie Crook).

So whose side are you on? Will you tune in next week? If so, tell us why. Someone try to change my mind!

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