Batman VS. Superman Trailer Review

The trailer makes Batman Versus Superman look epic. It finally provides the ground breaking back story to the already amazing buddy cop drama of the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight. All things considered the trailer said anything about the actual film, it did however prove the film holds a lot of potential. As a movie fan I am excited to watch Batman VS. Superman. As a fan of the last Batman franchise I want to kill anybody that participated in creating this movie. As a pair of eye balls that took in the cinematic turd that called itself “Superman Returns” and “Superman Man of Steel” I rejoice because at least Batman might help bring back this franchise. After the onslaught of super hero movies that studios release every year the Batman Vs. Superman movie was bound to happen. The bucket of popular super heroes is starting to run low. Marvel proves this by releasing Ant-Man and DC proves this in the upcoming Aquaman movie. I hope they do to Ant-Man’s voice to what they did to Batman’s voice in the trailer of Batman Vs. Superman and modify it. Like when Paul Rudd turns into Ant-Man, Woody Allen should voice him. I think the only thing that might save Aquaman would be a Free Willy cameo. The next best thing instead of creating new super heroes or selling and buying rights to other comic book heroes, studios finally decided to merge the characters they already own.

In all fairness DC created great Batman and Superman movies in the past. Marvel literally just started creating good movies in the early to mid 2000s, but DC easily produced better super hero movies well before them so it is possible for them to do it again. Batman and Superman meeting on the big screen really brings all of joys of a great mashup that everybody actually wants. I admit that Expendables should have quenched that mash up thirst I have, but watching geriatric Rocky and Windows 95 Terminator just left me unsatisfied. The Batman Vs. Superman film really only means I finally get to watch the same fight scene that I read in the comics and watched in the animated films but, now in live action and all new technicolor. 

The live action fight scene brings a level of expectation that worries me more than anything. It is the dessert of the entire movie and if the dessert sucks then the movie should have been a straight to Hulu+ or Amazon Prime flush down the toilet. In “Superman Man of Steel”, once Superman fought General Zod, a kryptonian that apparently loves the 90s boy band bad boy member look, the entire movie deflates. It looked almost exactly like the final Matrix fight scene. The CGI of the buildings falling and the average looking Lois Lane really brought down the entire film. The only satisfying part of the film is at the end when (Spoiler Alert) Superman kills General Zod by snapping his neck. That moment made it clear that this was not a Superman movie, because Superman does not kill. In all fairness I must complain about the last Batman movie. My complaint about the last Batman movie is that Bruce Wayne slept with a hot, but not comic book hot, Talia al Ghul and Batman literally had zero sex with Cat Woman. The very hot and sexy Cat Woman in a skin tight outfit that wrapped around her rump like a Maserati drifting down a canyon race had zero fictional sex done in her and that is a crime. That is my complaint about Batman. 

Batman Vs. Superman might make an amazing movie. It might also make a terrible belly flop of a movie. I know I bought my tickets to watch it already in my head. I will also complain about it then watch it again. I am a fan of the series. I whole heartedly want this movie to be amazing. It might restart the fire that these iconic characters generated in the past. All it needs to do to surpass the last superman movie is find a better Lois Lane, she is not MY Lois Lane, she is not Teri Hatcher. 

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