Edge of Tomorrow Review


I’m not a fan of Tom Cruise. He just doesn’t do it for me. After seeing last Samurai, having him not die (when really he should have), and then go on to do ‘Meh’ level films such as Rock of Ages, Valkyrie, and Oblivion, I have given up on the once almost perfect Tom Cruise. Reluctantly I went to go watch this movie even though I would have loved to see the coming to age teenage romp comedy ‘Fault in Our Stars’ instead.

20 minutes in, same old Tom Cruise movie. 30 minutes It’s starting to get interesting. Finally images (2)after 40 minutes into the movie, it kicks into full gear. It doesn’t hold back either, it gives you everything you expect from the concept. The concept? I haven’t told you the premise of the movie? Where are my manners. Two cancer struck teens meet in a cancer support group and live out the rest of their days in love. Okay, yes that was “Fault in Our Stars’ but I mean come on, that’s this generation’s ‘NoteBook’.

The premise of this movie is one part Groundhogs Day, one part Saving private Ryan, and one part Starship Troopers.  Tom Cruise, through a series of events (they explain it in the movie), relives a gruesome 24 hours on the beaches of France fighting alien invaders until he finds out how to defeat them.

“So wait, are you telling me Tom Cruise keeps on dying?” YES!! Oh GAWD YES! It’s almost as if emily-blunt-edge-of-tomorrow.png
they are making up for all the deaths Tom Cruise should of had in his other movies and boy do they get creative in this deaths. They completely satisfy your urge to see Tom Cruise to die over and over and over again. Like Groundhogs day, they add some comedy into those deaths. It’s that comedy paired with amazing action sequence and plot just thick enough with minor twists that keep you engaged until the final end. The plot isn’t overtly complicated but really pay attention when it is the exposition scenes, it will help with your post movie discussion later. There weren’t too many holes within this movie as I saw during X-Men Days of Future Past or the Time Traveling escapade ‘Fault in Our Stars’. It isn’t really hard to screw up time travel when your time travel is 24 hours instead of 42 years but either way they nail it one the head.

The acting is everything you’ll get from Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. They don’t do Oscar caliber jobs but then again they don’t give god awful jobs either. The actor who really stands out and Tomorrow_Paxtonlooks like he is having the most fun with his roll is Hyrda’s own Bill Paxton. He plays a teenager with cancer who falls in love with anothe… Yeah, that’s ‘Fault in Our Stars’ again. I just can’t get enough. Look if your girlfriend or wife or boyfriend (I don’t judge) does want to see ‘FiOS’ bring the tissues because BOY are you gonna cry!  I digress. Bill Paxton bring’s to life his one dimensional character and really is swinging for the fences. My face lit up every time i would see him on screen because I knew I was going to get some fun.emily-blunt-edge-of-tomorrow.png

I highly recommend seeing this solid Sci-fi action film in the theater. This is what summer blockbusters are all about. Grab the popcorn and get a nice Mr. Pibb because it is just that enjoyable. Will it make you a Tom Cruise fan? Hell no, but it is a step in that path. If he continues to make movies like this then I might retract the negative things I have said about him.


I give this film a 8.5/10

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