Episode #35 – Live From Echo Base – Feat. Joy Mamey & Aaron Marsh



Empire Strikes Back

Recording from Echo Base this week (Mike’s apartment with air conditioning). While Dusty swashbuckles on the high seas, Mike geeks out with comedians Joy Mamey & Aaron Marsh: Tuesday DVD/Video Game releases, Iphone 5 bells & whistles, Hasselhoff delcares himself a better Nick Fury, and World’s Largest Ferris Wheel in Las Vegas. Plus new segment Rumor Mill (Kitty Pride Movie and World War Z Sequel). Then go out strong with top 10 Star Wars Characters.

Echo Base

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iPhone 5 Announced, Get Your Tent Ready

David Hasselhoff’s Fury About Nick Fury

World’s Largest Ferris Wheel, A Gamble?

Ellen Page Wants Kitty Pryde Movie

World War Z 2: Cold War (Vaccine Joke Anyone?)

Top Thirty Star Wars Characters

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