Episode #64 – The Rerun Episode Feat Natalie Atkins


Reruns 2

Your Easter wish came true, no new episode of Geektastic this week. Jerks! We are working on obtaining our own genie to counteract your wish, so we’ll be back next week with a brand new episode. Defying all odds we broke into the Disney Vault (where we also store our old tapes). We give you another listen to one of our favorite episodes: Episode #39 The Cosplay Episode Featuring Natalie Atkins. Enjoy!

Episode #39 – The Geektastic Podcast dives head first in to the world of Cosplay and Natalie Atkins is our guide! Natalie talks about how she got in to Cosplay, why she still does Cosplay, and why she has a crush on Tony Stark! She also talks about her favorite video game, superhero, and fantasy movie. Download this crazy fun Cosplay episode of Geektastic Podcast.

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