I don’t have any skeletons in my closet.

Mostly because there’s not enough room for them what with my vast comic book collection monopolizing all the space.  You will also find in my closet a few binders of various mint 1990’s “comic book cards” (Remember these gems?!?  They are what got me into collecting comic books in the first place!) and a large container of loose 25th Anniversary G.I. Joe action figures, each individually separated in plastic baggies to ensure no weapons or accessories go missing.

second-purchase-01-lg(Please note that the above picture is NOT actually of my collection…mine is BIGGER…kidding…maybe?)

I know what you’re thinking.  But seriously, I do have a girlfriend.  And I’m not one to brag, but we have had the sex.

Now my girlfriend knows I collect/read comic books and am a “bit” of a geek, but she doesn’t know what’s in my closet…

She soon will though and that has me more nervous than an X-Man’s first time in the Danger Room.  See, after 4 years my girlfriend and I are finally moving in together.

UncannyXmen139(Welcome to domestic partnership, hope you survive the experience.)

I’ve never had to share “personal space” before…more fittingly, my comic book collection has never had to share any kind of space before…and I’m a little concerned that all these things I keep in my closet might just be a bit too much…

So I have decisions to make.  (No, breaking up to preserve my collection is NOT one of them…she’s put up with me for 4 years…she’s a keeper)  I have to practice the ancient art “letting go” and am currently in the process of downsizing.  Some items just have to much sentimentality and history behind them to say goodbye to, while others really are just taking up space.  I get this. So eBay here we come!

My life is a scene from the The 40-Year-Old Virgin right now.

40-year-old-birNow, I am not deciding to part with some of my collection in order to appear far less geeky than I am.  I am not ashamed of owning 10 Cobra Troopers that I may or may not position in 80’s dance poses on particularly bad days when I need to smile.

cobratrooper_featureThe facts of the matter is:

1) Unfortunately where we’re moving to, while an awesome house with lots of great things going for it, lacks heavily in storage space.  As my girlfriend was prioritizing a dishwasher, garbage disposal, and washer/dryer hook-ups…I was keen to examine the floor space of the spare bedroom closet to decide whether it could accommodate long or short boxes of comics.  The answer: short.  Stacked.  Stacked high.  Who needs room for clothes anyway???

2) There is a fine line between collecting and hoarding.  It’s our job  as mature geeks to identify this line and not cross it.  The line is a little different for each of us, granted.  But the happiness the hobby brings us should come from the collecting, and not the “high” of just amassing stuff.  This new experience of starting to think of space as “ours” and not just “mine” anymore has made me much more conscious of this.

So yes, there are things I can get rid of…and then there are things I own that I’d seriously consider drafting a prenuptial for were the girlfriend and I to ever get hitched.  I’ll be damned if she ever takes my complete set of Impel’s 1991 Marvel Universe Series 1 trading cards!!!

marvunis1bx3What items in your collection could you never part with?  Tell us in the comments section below!  Let’s celebrate in our communal geekiness, if only to make us feel better when our significant others roll their eyes at us.




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