Hall Of Guests

Somehow we found people who want to geek out with us. Check out the podcast they were on and their website!
Danielle Arce
Danielle ArceComedian, Model, 1/2 Girl 1/2 Unicorn, Danielle Arce joins us in the Legion of Geek Headquarters. Check out all things Danielle Arce

Listen Here – Episode #59 The Unicorn Episode Feat Danielle Arce

Natalie Atkins
natalie atkinsSpokes-model, Actress, Live Mermaid and nerd Natalie Atkins joins us in the studio and gives us an inside look at the world of Cosplay. Check out all things Natalie Atkins.

Listen Here: Episode 39 – The Cosplay Episode Feat Natalie Atkins



Ryan Bergez

ryan bergez

Filmmaker, writer, musician, and gravity defier Ryan Bergez talks geek with us and his new sci-fi satire web series Mars500Check out all things Ryan Bergez

Listen Here: Episode 24: Werewolves From Mars



Erik Caines
Erik Caines 1Illustrator, Designer, and Cooker of a mean batch of chili, Erik Caines podcasts with us. Erik’s work has been seen on Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon Games, Neopets, and more! Check out all things Erik Caines

Listen Here: Episode 28 The Animated Series

Listen Here: Episode 69: Podcast of Future Past

Samuel J Comroe
samuel j comroe on conanComedian Samuel J Comroe lays down some NFL knowldege on us. Fantasy Football apprently does not include Elves. Check out all things Samuel J Comroe

Listen Here: Episode 37: Th NFL Episode



Andy Dugan
Andy DuganComedian Andy Dugan’s car broke down while we were podcasting. We geek out with him about Batman, WiiU, and Skylanders being a scam. Check out all things Andy Dugan.

Listen Here: Ep 43 – Back In The Habit Feat Andy Dugan

Listen Here: Ep 60 – Pluggin It Feat Andy Dugan 


Adam Fanshier
adam fanshierComedian, Writer, Picard Maneuver member, Adam Fanshier stops by with so many random references. Check out all things Adam Fanshier

Listen Here: Ep 18 – The Search For More Money

Listen Here: Ep 67 – Do you have Cross-Fire?

 Listen Here: Ep 73- Drunk Girlfriend


Erik Escobar
Erik EscobarComedian Erik Escobar takes the train to Geeksville. Check out all things Erik Escobar

Listen Here: Episode 33 Geek V Nerd Featuring Erik Escobar



 Adam Feuerberg
Comedian Adam FeuerbergComedian, Trekkie, and host of Jew and the Gentle on Trek Radio, Adam Feurberg beams down to Geektastic and geeks out about Star Trek. Check out his website here

Listen Here: Ep 11 – The Star Trek Episode.

Listen Here: Ep 53 – Let It Go

Ralph Guerra
Ralph GuerraComedian Ralph Guerra lays down some NFL knowldege on us. Fantasy Football apprently does not include Elves. Check out all things Ralph Guerra. 

Listen Here: Episode 37: Th NFL Episode



Marshall Hicks
Marshall HicksZoinks! As we approach Halloween the studio gets spooky when we talk halloween movies with Marshall Hicks, co-host of Boys and Ghouls Podcast! Check Out All Things Marshall Hicks. 

Listen Here: Episode 40 The Horror Episode Feat Marshall Hicks


Paul Hungerford
paul hungerfordActor, Director, Improviser, and all around funny guy Paul Hungerford stops by this week! Check out all things Paul Hungerford!

Listen Here: Ep 20 World Wide Geek

Listen Here: Ep 36 – Force The Kiss

Listen Here: Ep 62 – Hail Hydra


Jeff Kazanjian 
Jeff KazanjianComedian and 1990′s brain child (whatever that means) Jeff Kazanjian podcasts with us! We cover the everything from the worst testing states, Harry Potter Land, and the top 10 1990′s Nickelodeon shows of all time! Definitely one you don’t want to miss!

Check Out All Things Jeff Here.

Listen Here: Ep 51 – Sock Monkey Of Justice feat Jeff Kazanjian


Du Kirpalani
Du KirpalaniComedian and Author Du Kirpalani joins us to talk about his latest book The Naughty Boy Who Stole Christmas and we pick his brain on how to get your own work published. Check Out All Things Du Here.

Listen Here: Ep 42 – How To Publish A Book In 30 Days Feat Du Kirpalani


Shawn Kohne
Shawn KohneComedian, Internet/Webisode Superstar Shawn Kohne beams over to geek out with us. We discuss the Oscars, webisodes, Huverboards, and more! Check out all things Shawn Kohne here!

Listen Here – Ep #57 – Last Ditch Effort Feat Shawn Kohne

Jay Light
imageComedian, Podcast, Television watcher, Jay Light joins us for a trip down the Sarlacc Pit. We talk east coast comedy, the boom of the toilet decal industry, Ewok Furries, and sitcoms. Something for everybody. Check out all things Jay Light Here!

Listen Here – Ep #58 Down The Toilet Feat Jay Light


Lance Lowe
Comedian Lance Lowe stops by to share his comic book wisdom and funny antidotes. Check Out His Website Here

Listen Here: Ep 14 – The Geek Knight Rises



Jeff MacKinnon 
Jeff-MckinnonImprov/Comedian Jeff MacKinnon comes on  and gives us a first hand experience what it is like to audition for SNL! Check out all things Jeff MacKinnon

Listen Here: Ep 22 The SNL Episode


Joy Mamey
joy_mameyComedian/Improvist/Singer/Creative Noun, Joy Mamey corrects Mike’s pronunciation of Joss Whedon’s name and geeks out about Reboot. Check Out All Things Joy Mamey

Listen Here: Episode 35 – Live From Echo Base Feat. Joy Mamey & Aaron Marsh



Aaron Marsh 
aaron marshComedian Aaron Marsh beams over with his geek skills, assortment of geek tattoos, and love for The Brave Little Toaster. Check Out All Things Aaron Marsh

Listen Here: Episode 35 – Live From Echo Base Feat. Joy Mamey & Aaron Marsh


Gabe Michael
gabe michaelWeb savant, Producer, Sci-Fi enthusist, and Foot Clan hater Gabe Michael joins us in the studio to talk about Forge Apollo’s Technium, spray on tans, and digital filmmaking. Check Out All Things Gabe Michael.

Listen Here For Episode #63 – Cagin’ It Feat Gabe Michael



Eric Morago
Eric MoragoPoet, comic book aficionado, and contributing writer of Geektastic, Eric Morago stops by to talk all things Marvel! Check out all things Eric Morago.

Listen Here: Ep 44 – The Marvel That Rules Us Feat Eric Morago

Michael Rayner
Michael Rayner
Comedian, Juggler, all around geek, Michael Rayner takes control of Geektastic and gives you the inside look of geeky Hollywood. Check out all things Rayner here!

Listen Here: Ep 16 – Now On Kindle

Oscar Reyes
Oscar ReyesResident zombie expert and Walking Dead mega fan Oscar Reyes come on the program. We talk the Season 4 finale of the show and differences between comic book, video game, and show. Fun time, lot of spoilers. So catch up and listen to this great episode.

Listen Here: Ep 61 – The Walking Dead Episode Feat Oscar Reyes


Brian Rhoads
Brian RhoadsComedian Brian Rhoads travels all the way to Arizona to watch Adam Sandler classic The Water Boy with us. We bought him pizza as a welcome gift. Check out all things Brian Rhoads
Listen Here: Episode #52 The Waterboy Feat Brian Rhoads


Johnny Roque
Johnny RoqueComedian Johnny Roque gets raw and nerdy with us in the explicit episode. Not for the ears of young-ins but a hilarious episode. Check out all things Johnny Roque

Listen Here: Episode 32 Raw and Nerdy Featuring Johnny Roque


Paul Salazar Jr
Paul Salazar JrThe hilarious Paul Salazar Jr (Actor/Improvisor/Boat Owner) takes the monorail to Geektastic to talk all about the first family of cartoons, The Simpsons! Check out all things Paul Salazar Jr

Listen Here: Episode 30 – The Simpsons Ep – Featuring Paul Salazar Jr


Meg Sevier
meg sevierThrough the power of internets we’re able to talk to someone funny outside of the TMZ. This maiden voyage of using Skype brings the funny Meg Sevier on the show. Check Out All Things Meg Sevier

Listen Here: Episode 38 – Skype-Fully Clean

Joe Starr
Joe StarrComedian Joe Starr joins us in the studio and we talk Wrestling, Star Wars, why the Pinocchio ride at night is the “bizness”, and his new album! Check Out All Things Joe Starr

Listen Here: Episode 46 – Nute Gunray Feat Joe Starr



Jake Ta’Veren
BmbvB2ZCMAAo9x_Comedy Show Producer, Musician, and Renaissance Man, Jake Ta’Veren stops geeks out with us discussing his latest projects with Monkey Head Concepts, web series, and insiders look at the world of Renaissance Fairs. Check out all things Jake Ta’Veren.
Listen Here: Episode #65 – The Renaissance Man Feat. Jake Ta’Veren.
David Truong
David Truong 1
David Truong is a geek in the field! A contributing writer for Geek Peeks, David has not only given you the inside scoop on conventions, games, and comics, but hangs with the celebs! Check out all things David Truong

Listen Here: Episode 27 – Comic Con Fun feat David Truong


Ted Woods
Ted Reading via his iPadTed Woods is the comic book guru here at Geektastic. Writer of Ermahgerd Kermacks! and voice of The Shortlist, Ted stops by to drop that comic book knowledge! Check out all things Ted Woods

Listen Here: Episode #47 – Ermahgerd Podcast feat Ted Woods