mm20It’s that time of year again, friends and fiends, for what has now become a seasonal tradition for me every October–HORROR-KU!!!

This is my third year undertaking such a maddening challenge, but you might be new to the game (or need a reminder), so let me explain to you what exactly “horror-ku.”

Every October I vow to watch a different horror movie every day (I gave myself the rule that it has to be a film I’ve never seen before or only saw once when I was too young, too tired, or too drunk to remember) and write a haiku (a poem that consists of 3 lines and 17 syllables wherein the first line has 5, the second has 7, and the last has 5 again) about each one!  What started out as just a fun reason to watch a bunch of horror flicks I’ve never seen before turned into something much bigger that has just kept growing and growing (much like the blob).  Over the course of the first year I was floored by the support of folks on social media reading, commenting, and engaging with me over what I saw and wrote.  Last year, as a special thank you to those fans, I collaborated with an amazing artist (Leslie White) to put out a collection of the first year’s horror-ku, which she illustrated.


I, of course, watched and wrote 31 more films and haiku last October as well, and even posted them here daily as well as on my Facebook page.

Now that I’ve caught you up to speed, let me fill you in what we have in store for you this year:

To keep things fresh, I am going to be joined by fellow Long Beach poet, Alisha Attella, this year.  We are going to watch the SAME horror films on the SAME day and each post a haiku…think of it as dueling banjos, only with syllables.  You may ask yourself, how can I read both your horror-ku if we’re not friends on Facebook.  Easy peasy.  We’ve created a Facebook page just for horror-ku where you can stay updated on our haiku each day, as well as check out fun articles about horror that we come across.  The link to our Facebook page is below, please “like” and check it out often:


We also have a Twitter and Tumblr for your enjoyment.  Follow, tag, link, like, do it all!



I will also be sharing my horror-ku here on Geektastic’s site like I did last year.  I will create a weekly post which I will update daily with my haiku; however, if you want to read Alisha’s as well you’ll have to go horror-ku’s Facebook page or Twitter feed.  The Tumblr account will be updated daily with the first year’s haiku and illustrations (courtesy of Leslie White) from the collection, Little, but Deadly.

Speaking of collections…last year’s horror-ku have been collected in a second volume once again illustrated by Leslie White.  HORROR-KU 2: REVENGE OF THE 17 SYLLABLES is days away from seeing release.  Once it’s fresh off the printing press I will let you know how you can get your claws on it.  In the meantime here’s a little preview from the book:


You would binge eat too,
if you were one foot tall, and
looked like a tribble.

10678864_10205346735486948_563774450532822396_nSo horror-ku fans, there’s lots to be excited about…let the official countdown begin!!!


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