Shortlist Interview with Infinite Issues Creators

Quinn Allan and Jared Yanez are a pair of filmmakers based in Portland, Oregon.  Their Mongrel Studios has been producing content for the past 10 years including a feature film called The Roomies  that came out in 2011 and a Rick Remender inspired nerd rap act called Kid Apocalypse.  Their latest project is called Infinite Issues, a web series starring Rebecca Teran as a comic book store clerk who may just be in a little over her head.  We sat down with Quinn and Jared to discuss the pilot of the show, comic books, Rob Liefeld, and more (an annotated version originally appeared inthis week’s Geektastic Podcast).

From the press release: “Described by viewers as “Cheers in a comic shop” with the surreality of Community and anything-goes lunacy of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Infinite Issues is a unique and raunchier take on geek culture.”

All three parts of the pilot are live and can be viewed by clicking through the pictures below.

Infinite Issues Episode #1

“Right Hand Of Doom”

Infinite Issues Episode #2

“Seduction Of The Innocent”

Infinite Issues Episode #3

“Blackest Night”









This is a great web series for fans of comic books or comic book shop patrons, with a nice moving story the keeps you engaged and enough fan service to satisfy the biggest of fanboys.  So watch them all and share with your friends!  If you’re in the Portland area, you should check out Cosmic Monkey Comics where the show was shot and we also want to recognize the awesome creator owned works of Periscope Studio who provided a lot of the set decorations including comic books and other media found throughout the series.  Follow Infinite Issues on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!  And visit Mongrel Studios page on YouTube.

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