Justice League: War Review


Tired of all the ‘Superman versus Batman film’ news and want your ‘Batman punching honkies in their necks’ fix already? Justice League: War is just that and more. Another stellar animated film from the people over at DC animation; these are the same people who brought you Justice League: Flash Point Paradox and The Dark Knight Returns part 1 and 2 (probably my favorite DC Animated film of all time).  JLW follows Green Lantern, Superman, Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Shazam, and Cyborg come together for the first time as they fend off an alien invasion lead the most boring cribbage player ever,  DarkSeid. Based off the graphic novel Justice League: Origins they stay true to the comic for the most part except in the comic they had Aquaman instead of Shazam (probably for the better. Am I Right!? Hi-five!… Anyone?)

imagesThis film hits the ground running. Instantly we see Batman and Green Lantern (oh Hal Jordan, not John Stewart, FYI) meeting up for the first time. This pairing is the films strongest point. The banter between a crass, cold Batman and a lively, eager Green Lantern is fantastic and make for the films best lines/sequences. Not shortly they meet up with Superman where they discover Darkseid’s plan and fight off the invasion. Unfortunately this is story line isn’t the central story line; the ‘creation’ of cyborg is. On the story front, this is the weakest part. They take every over used plot device (dad not coming to games, son emotionally scared because of this, the dad repenting) to get cyborg to where he is but it had to be done.

Some of the strongest parts of this film, outside of the comedy pair of Batman and Green justice-league-war-wonder-woman-parademonLantern, are the action sequences. They animators throw everything and the kitchen sink at the heroes and you see them fend it off.  One amazing sequence in particular is Wonder Woman’s (you will be a fan of her after this movie). She straight up cuts people like she was an Oakland Raider Fan. It is a site to see.  Green Lantern is great with the different ways he tries to stop on coming horde of baddies. For the climactic scene, you see all the Justice League come together and it’s a beautiful symphony of punches and crow bars to the eye.

The weakest part of this film is the voice acting. The Wonder Woman sequences in particular. The character was fantastic, drawn and portrayed wonderfully but every line was delivered like actor was being asked to take a survey in Disneyland and couldn’t be bothered. DarkSeid was just an auto tune which is a shame because I feel a good voice actor could have given this character more dimensions than one. Don’t get me wrong though, there are other people who


kill it; Shazam is played by Sean Astin (Sam Wise) who is making quite a name for himself in the Voice Over world.

One last qualm with the film; the only one they gave a backstory to was Cybrog. That’s fair when it comes to Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern’s backstories because we know them very well. I would like some light shed, for those not to well verse in comics, on Shazam and Flash’s backstories.

I have said this before in other reviews for DC Animation, the films keep getting better, and this film proves it. This film was fantastic, action packed, never taking itself seriously, and stayed true to the characters. This just jumped up to my second favorite DC Animated film.


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