Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign


It’s been a long time since I have reviewed a phone game. I usually reviewed 5 games really quick to give you an over view of apps out there but I feel this one needed more in depth review

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign (or MPQDR as the people on the street call it… okay no one on the street talks about this game, they are too busy selling crack) is a multi-faceted game. It’s like dora_darkreign_2if you took Candy Crush, threw in an RPG, and topped it off with the Marvel Universe. The basic structure of the game is you have to match 3 or more colored game pieces in a giant board. When you do, it ‘attacks’ the opponent, the first one to drain the other’s life bar wins. The next layer is you line up enough colored pieces your Marvel superhero performs a special attack, which adds a great tactical element to the game. When you win a battle you are rewarded with ISO crystals (basically XP points) you can use to level up your heroes. The great tactical part about is mixing and matching different team members; some might have great blue attacks while others have phenomenal green attacks. It makes for some interesting teams. You can have Storm, Venom, and Spider Man or Capitan America, Iron Man, and Daken. (psst, for those of you who don’t know who Daken is, he is Wolverine’s son raised by the Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes.)

That is the basic game play; it can keep you occupied for some time as you navigate through the ‘single player’ mode or as they call it ‘The Prologue’. Just the single player mode is enough to imageskeep you busy, leveling up your team, fighting the bad guys, progressing the story, and adding new Marvel characters to your team, but there is another mode they added in there because they love you (please don’t quote me on if they actually love you or not. I’m not sure if they do, you might have terrible B.O.). The have a whole Online P2P mode. They have daily/weekly tournaments with different requirements. What I mean is you play other players and you are forced to have, say Venom, on your team as you compete against other live humans. Yes people I said LIVE. What can come to your advantage/disadvantage is if you have Venom in your team already or if you have to use their venom. Think, trying on shoes and you have to wear the store’s sock. This is great because you can either capitalize on people’s mistakes or learn from different strategies.

Marvel must be in the Christmas mood because they have added another mode to this game too. It is an online story mode that helps progress the story that the prologue leaves us at. After you are done with the missions they offer for that week, they give you a ranking on how much ISO you have collected (obviously this favors the people who buys their ISO but screw the rich kid frat house! We’ll ruin their float!). I personally have been addicted to this mode. Weekly they change/add more challenges to this mode which is great. I catch myself waking up seeing which challenges have been added and if my team is strong enough to face the new challenge(s) they have put up.

All of that is just the game play aspect of it. I am not going to tell you the story behind the gameshowrandomscreenshot.php because that is something you are going to have to unravel yourself but it is Marvel, all the characters live in the same universe and interact with each other. The great thing is Marvel doesn’t hold back on the Superheroes/Villians. They have Thor, Wolverine, Iron Man, Venom, and Magneto for the luke warm fans but they also have Daken, Moonstone, Yelena Belova, The Hood, Bagman for the die hards. For the even Die Hardier (hey, if Bruce Willis can mutilate the Die Hard phrase so can I!) fans, they have classic Storm, Modern Strom, Grey Suit Black Widow, and the list goes on. This is one feature that really gets me giddy and gives me problems. I build up these characters, fought with these characters, shared laughs with these characters and now they parade a new version of this character and expect me to just accept them or sell them? It’s a geeky problem to have.

This game has lasted me longer than I had expected a FREE smart phone game to last me and I don’t see myself putting it down any time soon. Just the idea of leveling up my team and B team and C team (I feel like a hockey coach with 3 different lines) gets me excited to play it. The only down side to the game is if you do decide to go in the Verses arena, you are more than likely to run into someone who isn’t afraid to front  mad cash to make his players 1000x better without even playing the game. So I just steer clear of the versus arena and I am having a blast!



I give this game a 8.5 out of 10.

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