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Episode #80: O, Really?!
Mac_TonightAfter a week off we come back in full force! In this episode we play GAME!, Top Ten Fast Good Characters, No More Kick-Ass 3, Government want cars to talk to each other, Black Panther and Captain Marvel movie, a game you control with your baby maker, and Tuesday DVD/Video Game Releases.
Episode #79: Top Score!
mario_s_funny_face_by_dominiquepucca-d65uuojGeektastic comes fast and comes hard at you with the laugh and games! This week we play our Game!, Top Ten Cool Movie Actors, Vin Diesel Teases us, 30 Million Robots Tweeting, and Limited Edition Haunted Mansion Art.




Episode #78: Changin’ It Up
guardians-of-the-galaxy-chris-pratt-shows-star-lord-s-hilarious-side-chris-pratt-is-basically-down-to-play-star-lord-foreverYay! Dusty and Mike hit you again with another Podcast! The Battle with the new Game!, review Guardians, Top 10 Baseball park songs, Legend of Zelda Monopoly, New venture Bros!, Hotel charging $500 for bad Yelp Reviews, and 6 tips not to be a moron with your phone! (now click on the links for the articles!)
Episode #77 Trebble With That Bass
Sweetbobs-Hipster-Music-Playlist-July-2014-awesome-beard-weird-odd-funnyIn this episode we play a brand new audio game! Listen to see how well you do! Also we talk about:Tuesday DVD/Video Game Releases, Princess Strip Club! (Yeya!), To See the End, The critics have to pay like everyone else, Uber Ice Cream (In Russia cream ices you), Top Ten summer movies!
Episode #76 Mike’s Back
10169276_10101845929095358_4362735556884793455_nThat’s right fellow Geektastic-ites! The prodigal son has returned! coming all the way from Chicago Mike is back in full form! In this episode we talk about: Walking Dead Rumors, Tuesday DVD/Video Game releases, Windows 9, The Hobbit, New Smash Bros Characters, A Video game where you eat your shipmates, and top ten duo losers!
Episode #75 White Suite Batman Feat Brian Rhoads
o-JADEN-SMITH-WHITE-BATMAN-facebookUpdate I (Dusty) forgot to post this last week **
Yay! we are back at it! Comedian Brian Rhoads has once again graciously filled in for Mike Hover as he makes his way in that crazy town called Chicago. In this podcast we talk about: The Tag Line the Game!, Tuesday DVD/Video Game Releases, The Kim Kardashian video game, How to stop a penalty kick, New color passwords, and the highest grossing movies released on the 4th of July!
Episode #74 Mikeless Feat Brian Rhoads
tecmobaseball_largeMike is on the road and we have an amazing fill in, the hilarious Brian Rhoads (and not because he is my brother). Listen to us as we play a fun new game, Tuesday DVD/Video Games, McDonald box deals, new TMNT, and the top 10 Comedies of all time.
Episode #73 Drunk Girlfriend Featuring Adam Fanshier
photo (2)Doo Doo Do Do Do Do Doo Doo Doo Doo. Ah the ballet, its so magical. This podcast episode we talk about new Star Wars and new Powerpuff girls with our magical friend Adam Fanshier ! This is a definite download because for the last time in a long time Picard Maneuver performs not 1 but 2 songs! So good we skip episode #72!
Episode #71 Highway To The Danger Zone
rainbow-road-this-level-was-made-by-satan-himself-memeI have the NEED… The NEED FOR PODCASTING! This one is a doozy! There are easter eggs a bound in this podcast! This episode we talk about: Tuesday DVD/Video Game Releases, A quick E3 update, Star Trek TV Show, Batman doing the Gumball 3000, Sigourney Weaver doing her best Tu-Pac impression in Avatar, and Top Ten Tom Cruise Movies!
Episode #70 Soooo???
images70 episodes in and we are still getting better! (trust us we are!) In this episode Dusty gets to air his opinion and flaws with X-Men Days of Future Past, Tuesday DVD/Video Game Releases, The latest Star War news, Guardians of the Galaxy news, Hunger Games sparks protest, whats new with iOS 8, and the top 12 Disney Villaineses.
Episode #69 Podcast of Future Past Feat Erik Caines
XMenDaysofFuturePastWith Dusty out in the Pacific looking for Jurassic World, guest host Erik Caines stops buy to discuss X-men Days Of Future Past, his grooming techniques, upcoming summer movies, and of course TMNT toys. A can’t miss podcast!


Episode #68 Spoilers Feat. Skyler Gonzalez
IMG_4798-533x800Well if that picture wasn’t creepy enough we have the gent who painted it! Skyler Gonzalez stops by and explains all that goes in to mask making and painting! Everything you wanted to know about masks!



Episode #67 Do You Have A Cross Fire? Feat Adam Fanshier
Bnj3r2QIAAA6BbnAdam Fanshier and his Glorious mustache are back! Adam sure has a way with words that will make you laugh and he brings it in this hilarious podcast. He is absolutely great on this podcast, a definite download!



Episode #66 Order 66
downloadThe Dynamic Duo are back. Back to the basics, just Mike and Dusty. Boy do they bring it on this podcast. Here is what they talk about: The NFL Star Wars Draft, Latest Star Wars 7 news – Like a new Title, 9 More DC films, The Gravity book released before the film, and the top 30 Greatest Video Game Sidekicks
Episode #65 The Renaissance Man Feat Jake Ta’Veren
renaissance-fairThat’s right! After a week of being off, we come back with the megahit – Jake Ta’Veren! He drops by the Geektastic Studios and gives us the low down on what projects he is working on (see links below). He also bestows on us some great Renaissance Festival info! Anything you wanted to know about them, he talks about it!
Episode #64 The Rerun Episode Feat Natalie Atkins
natalie atkinsYour Easter wish came true, no new episode of Geektastic this week. Jerks! We are working on obtaining our own genie to counteract your wish, so we’ll be back next week with a brand new episode. Defying all odds we broke into the Disney Vault (where we also store our old tapes). We give you another listen to one of our favorite episodes: Episode #39 The Cosplay Episode Featuring Natalie Atkins. Enjoy!
Episode #63 Cagin’ It Feat Gabe Michael
downloadLike Ghost Rider rising from hell, Geektastic is back with this absolutely hilarious podcast! Gabe Michael stops by to give us the low down on Digital Film-making, DVD releases, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Spoiler blocker!
Episode #62 Hail Hydra Feat Paul Hungerford
Hail HydraHail Hyrda! We have the new Hyrda Leader Paul Hungerford stop by Geektastic for an unbelievable 3rd time! This is a must download podcast! It completes the trilogy. We talk everything from Game of Thrones, Cap 2, Godzillia, and southern chicken accents. 
Episode #61 The Walking Dead Episode Feat Oscar Reyes 
the-walking-dead-cast-is-having-a-blast-at-comic-conCan’t wait til October for season 5 to begin? Well we brought in our Walking Dead expert, Oscar Reyes (pictured above… not really but i typed Oscar in google and this is what I got) tells us all! This episode could contain spoilers for those that don’t know the comics which the TV show  could take from!
Episode #60 Pluggin It Feat Andy Dugan
avengers-age-of-ultron-concept-art-4Stand up comedian Andy Dugan is back for round two! This is an amazing PODCAST we joke around about: DVD Releases, The New Cheech and Chong Movie, The TMNT trailer, the first look at avengers, and top ten coolest super powers! This is a must download podcast. One to give to the children!
Episode #59 The Unicorn Episode Feat Danielle Arce
download (1)Ahh the mythical unicorn one of natures 7 wonders of the world and our guest, Danielle Arce’s, favorite creature of all time. You heard right! Danielle Arce is out special guest. She is a Mixed martial Artist, Comedic Artist, improv artist, Youtube artist… She is one heck of an artist! In this episode we talk about: DVD releases, Cars 3, Incredibles 2, wireless electricity, and top 10 mythical creatures of ALL TIME! It’s a def download.
Episode #58 Down The Toilet Feat Jay Light
imageYou read correct! Jay Light is a comedian and we have him exclusively here! We talk about in this episode: DVD/Video Games releases, Toilet decals, Fast reading App, Ewok Furrys, iOS 8, and top 10 2000′s Sitcoms. Join us wont you?
Episode #57 Last Ditch Effort Feat Shawn Kohne
Shawn_KohneLadies and Gentlemen we present to you, the one, the only SHAWN KOHNE!!! In this episode we talk about the Oscars, Huvr Boards, Tuesday DVD/Video Game Releases, Billy Dee Williams on Dancing with the Stars, Prego Scarlett Johansson, self destructing cell phones, and the New Batman Knight video game.
Episode #56 Stay With Us Friends
ALFGuys! We are getting good. We are hitting our prime now! This is a must download podcast! In this podcast we talk about: Tuesday DVD/Video game releases, R.I.P. Harold Ramis, Samsung 5S, Space Jam 2, and The mystery behind Toy Story. Also we count down the top ten sequels that didn’t need to be made.
Episode #55 The Terrific Two
photo (1)What? Another podcast?! You bet your stars! In this podcast we talk about: Tuesday DVD/Video Game Releases, Apps that can tell you are lying or get you out of a parking ticket, Robot police in Brazil, Google Fiber in 32 more cities, and the top 10 Super Hero groups.  Download now! Subscribe to us on iTunes!
Episode #54 The Lovely Episode
peach_is_sleeping_on_mario_she_loved_by_lyndonpatrick-d5ebtc1Love is in the Airrrrr. This special podcast, why is it special? Because it is a Geektastic Podcast. In this episode we talk about: DVD Releases, The Wonder Years to DVD, Netflix to air Clone Wars, Fox’s Gotham casting, Nintendo Wii news, and the Top Ten Geeky Romances.


Episode #53 Let It Go Feat Adam Feuerberg
fun-frozen-clip-with-olaf-the-snowman-singing-in-summer-previewThe prodicle son returns! Our very first guest ever, Adam Feuerberg, comes back for his second helping of Geektastic Podcast! This Podcast’s Topics: DVD/ Video Game Release Tuesday, Batman V Superman casting, Ratatouille Restaurant, Billy Nye debate, and the top ten highest grossing Oscar winning  films.
Episode #52 The Waterboy feat Brian Rhoads
1650_5For some reason we watch the Waterboy! You heard right! to celebrate the Super Bowl, we watch and comment on the Waterboy with comedian Brian Rhoads. Dowbload this hilarious (trust me, more hilarious than the movie) Podcast!
Episode #51 Sock Monkey Of Justice feat Jeff Kazanjian
lovely-lady-celebs-now-then-32Mike and Dusty come at you this week and they aren’t alone. They brought with them the 1990′s brain child (whatever that means) Jeff Kazanjian! In this podcast we talk about: DVD Tuesday Releases, the worst testing states, Harry Potter Land, and the top 10 1990′s Nickelodeon shows of all time! Definitely one you don’t want to miss!



Episode #50 There And Back Again

photoWhy hello there fellow hobbit-ians… hobbiters?… hobbites? Anywho Mike and Dusty travel down the Hobbit hole of all things Tolkien! The talk about the Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, what was in the book and what was in the movie, the history of Middle Earth,  Frequently asked questions regarding Lord of the Rings, and Mike puts Dusty’s knowledge to the test! Its a must listen for all Tolkien-ites!
Episode #49 We’re Back, A Geek Story!
601766Mike and Dusty are back for a whole new year of geek fueled hi-jinks! 2013 was great but 2014 will be better. In this Podcast we talk about: Tuesday DVD/Video Game Releases, The counsel wars, Wonder Woman, CES, Twitter debunking time travel, and Top 10 Actors who have been in 2 trilogies.

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