Podcast Year One

Year One of Geektastic Podcast

Episode #48 Die Hard With A Vengeance
funny-christmas-02Last Episode of 2013! And boy do we go out in style! In this episode we talk about: Tuesday (and the rest of the year) DVD/Video game releases, The new Wonder Woman, Burgers Delivered like Futurama, Cell Phone Companies selling your information, Virtual Reality Headset, and the top 10 (or 20) Holiday movies of all time! This is one you need to put under the tree!
Episode #47 Ermahgerd Podcast feat Ted Woods
f98The Shortlist blogger extraordinaire is here to save the day! Ted Woods Skypes in to the Geektastic Podcast to drop that comic book knowledge! In this episode we talk about: DVD releases, Disney’s plans for Star Wars, Weather in Middle Earth this time of year, and the top 20 Cartoons of all time!

Episode #46 Nute Gunray Feat. Joe Starr

Joe Starr

This just might be the most reference heavy podcast we have done yet! We spared no expense (if the title alone couldn’t tell you that) and it’s all because of the reference master Joe Starr! He is a comedian/geek extraordinaire! Joe talks about his love for wrestling, Star wars, Disney, and The top ten best selling board games of all time!
Episode #45 Geekduckin
gal-balloon-1937-bignose-jpgUpon this day we give thanks… thanks for geeky podcasts with mad references. This week we talk about: Thanksgiving, DVD/Video Game release dates, Ted’s interview with the creators of “Infinite Issues”, the Steam System, x-men viral video, Family Guy Spoilers, massive light display down under, and top ten Macy day balloons of all time!
Episode #44 The Marvel that Rules Us Feat Eric Morago
162903_2674944271910_1205283444_101170629_6438805_nPoet, comic book expert, and Geektastic article writer Eric Morago joins the boys in this DEEP Podcast. And by DEEP we mean we really geek out of the Thor 2 credit scene, Guardians of the Galaxies, Avengers 2 and 3, and Spiderman 2. Very comic book reference heavy.
Episode #43 – Back In The Habit Feat Andy Dugan
headshotWelcome back everyone! It has been a long time since we have done a classic Geektastic Podcast in classic form. Here to help us is Comedian and Sketch writer Andy Dugan! Today we talk about: DVD/Video Game Releases, All Playstation 4 release titles, Google Patenting the Throat Tatt, and the top 10 men to play/voice Batman. Listen now!
Episode #42 – How to Publish A Book In 30 Days Feat Du Kirpalani
The Naughty Boy Who Saved ChristmasSelf Author, Comedian, Poet Du Kirpalani stop by the Geektastic Podcast Studios (aka Dusty’s Kitchen). Du talks about his poetry book and his upcoming Christmas book “The Naughty Boy Who Saved Christmas”. He also dives in how you the listener can get your books published and on Amazon for Free!
Episode #41 – Halloween Town

halloweentowndf-01This is Halloween…town. Come and watch..er.. listen with us as we (Mike and Dusty) watch Halloween Town for the first time in this first ever Geektrack! Sync it up with the movie and see what we are talking about!




Episode #40 – The Horror Episode Feat Marshall Hicks

header-saturday-the-14th-funny-horror-parody-shortFellow podcaster and Horror movie expert, Marshall Hicks joins the Geektastic squad to discuss the Top Ten grossing horror movie franchise of all time, best horror movies to play at a Halloween party, best free horror movies on Youtube, and best family friendly Halloween Horror movies. ITS a HORROR SALE! all things Horror must go!


Episode #39 – The Cosplay Episode Feat Natalie Atkins

Natalie Atkins Pepper PotsThe Geektastic Podcast dives head first in to the world of Cosplay and Natalie Atkins is our guide! Natalie talks about how she got in to Cosplay, why she still does Cosplay, and why she has a crush on Tony Stark! She also talks about her favorite video game, superhero, and fantasy movie. Download this crazy fun Cosplay episode of Geektastic Podcast.


Episode #38 – Skype-fully Clean Feat Meg Sevier
tom-hanks-in-cast-awayComedian Meg Sevier joins us all the way from Sacramento. WHAT?! yes, we skype her in for another great podcast! … oh yea Mike Hover is back too. This episode we talk about: DVD/Video Game Release Tuesday, Iron Man Ride, RoboRoach, Changes to Animation Domination, and the Top 10 Tom Hanks Movies of all time!
hulk footballEpisode #37 – The NFL Episode
Comedians Samuel J Comroe and Ralph Guerra fill in for Mike and we go geeky for football! Want to know what has happened in the first 1/4th of the season? Listen to this podcast and amaze your dad who disowned you 3 years ago!
661-give-me-a-kissEpisode #36 – Force The Kiss feat. Paul Hungerford
Paul Hungerford is back and better than ever! Man, we love having this guy on. We talked about movies this summer, what Disney job we would want, DVD Releases, and Top Ten fictional Pirates of all time!
control-roomEpisode #35 – Live From Echo Base Feat. Joy Mamey & Aaron Marsh
Recording from Echo Base this week (Mike’s apartment with air conditioning). While Dusty swashbuckles on the high seas, Mike geeks out with comedians Joy Mamey & Aaron Marsh: Tuesday DVD/Video Game releases, Iphone 5 bells & whistles, Hasselhoff delcares himself a better Nick Fury, and World’s Largest Ferris Wheel in Las Vegas. Plus new segment Rumor Mill (Kitty Pride Movie and World War Z Sequel). Then go out strong with top 10 Star Wars Characters.
282465Episode #34 – Insert Podcast Name Here
We are little hung over from the three day weekend but fear not we got a whole new podcast for you! This episode we talk about: DVD/Video Game Tuesday, Rumor Mill is running about Star Wars 7, Transformers 4, and Guardians of the Galaxy, A man not named Kevin Smith takes on the airlines, and top 10 Horses in all of Cinema.
Erik Escobar 1Episode #33 – Geek V Nerd Featuring Erik Escobar
The most epic battle of all time! Okay not that big but some serious geeking goes down. Comedian Erik Escobar stops by to help Mike and Dusty discuss: Tuesday DVD/Video Game releases, The New Batman Casting news, Star Wars 7, Sharks that walk, and Comedy Central’s Top Ten comedians of all time.
Johnny RoqueEpisode #32 – Raw and Nerdy Featuring Johnny Roque
Comedian Johnny Roque really knows how to stir the pot. In this podcast he argues that Adam Sandler hasn’t done a bad movie and that Forrest Gump is a comedy. Right?! Also in this podcast we discuss: DVD/Video Game Tuesday, Robo Stand up Comedy, Mario Rock Opera, TMNT movie pushed back, and top 15 richest fictional characters!
bbEpisode #31 – Breaking Geek
Just like Breaking Bad, everyone is wondering how will the Geektastic Podcast going to end?! Well, its not. In fact, we are back with a whole new podcast! In this (non) Meth episode we talk about: DVD/Video Game Releases, The Disney Convention, People going to Mars, The Patch for Mosquitos, and the top 25 Disney Songs of all time!


imagesEpisode #30 – The Simpsons Ep – Featuring Paul Salazar Jr. 
A whole podcast dedicated to all things Simpsons! It is a dream come true! Fellow Simpsons expert/ Improv Actor/ Writer Paul  Salazar stops by and shares with us Simpsons facts, Simpsons News, favorite episodes, takes a trivia quiz, and helps count down Matt Groening’s Top Ten favorite episodes!
130729132914Episode #29 – Hot Fun In The Summertime
Boy is it hot! We are talking about the heat and our podcast will cool you down as if you were on Hoth! We covered crazy articles in this podcast: DVD/Video Game Releases, Science proves Fist fighting makes you dumber, TRASK industries is up and running, Disney is making shapes with wind, Astronauts drowning in space, and Top Ten accidental inventions.


Erik Caines 1Episode #28 – The Animated Series feat Erik Caines
Animator, illustrator, Tango Dancer extraordinaire Erik Caines  stops by on this animation heavy podcast. If you ever wanted to break in to the animation/comic book industry, this is the podcast you want to listen to! Erik discusses his journey and gives great advice! Oh and well totally geek out on Comic Con and 25 best animated shows for adults.
David Truong 1Episode #27 – Comic Con Fun!!! Feat David Truong
Geek Peeks writer, David Truong stops by and talks about all his duties going in to Comic Con 2013. Along the way we talk about: Peace Corps, Anime, Superheros, Video Games,and top 20 villains in comic books… and Comedian Johnny Roque stops by to join in on the fun!
duckEpisode #26 – A Geek Amuck
Good Form! Good Form! Sir Mike and Lord Dusty bring a rousing good podcast through your phonograph! The Bullocks they talk about are: Tuesday DVD/Video Game releases, New Yelp App, The Homer Simpson car,Help the Blind See, Calling on top of Mount Everest, and Top 10 performing Superhero movies. PLUS top 10 grossing films of all time (inflation included).
one-up-america-20Episode #25 – A Geek Declaration
Its Independence week! America! Where our independence is the only independence that should matter! Plus there is never a wrong time to break out in an USA! chant. This week’s podcast we talk about: Tuesday DVD/Video Game Releases, Aliens Walking Among us, Justice League Movie, Full Throttle Ride, 200 Year old fish, and the top 10 grossing 4th of July movies ever!
Ryan BergezEpisode #24 – Werewolves From Mars Feat. Ryan Bergez
Actor/Director/Musican Ryan Bergez stops by Geektastic podcast to help out with the funny! This week we talk about: Tuesday DVD Releases, Taken 3, New Superman Video Game, Kid charges phone in 20-40 seconds, Mormon Emails, and top ten geekiest cities.
imagesEpisode #23 – The Queensberry Rules
A left and right, we hit you with the Gentleman’s podcast! That’s right, Geektastic is back with a whole new podcast to tickle your ear-armpits. This week we talk about: DVD/Videogame releases, How much would it cost to remake Metropolis, the last telegram being sent, Netflix’s new shows, tweeting outer space, and Top 10 Sci-Fi/Fantasy movie quotes.
Jeff-MckinnonEpisode #22 – The SNL Episode feat. Jeff MacKinnon
All things Saturday Night Live! Ever wanted to know everything about the Saturday Night Live? Well this podcast answers that question! Improv/Comedian Jeff MacKinnon comes on  and gives us a first hand experience what it is like to audition for SNL!
nice cageEpisode #21 – The Quintessential Podcast
Don’t look now but Mike and Dusty are back for a whole new round of geek yucks! In this podcast they talk about: Tuesday DVD releases, .Google/.Apple, Expendables 3, Justice League Super Formula for cancer patients, Domino’s drone pizza delivery, and of course top 10 coolest sci-fi movie weapons.
paul-hungerford-295114-300x200Episode #20 – World Wide Geek w/ Paul Hungerford
Don’t look now but the most epic podcast is coming to your ears! Comedian, Writer, Actor, Director, Improv Comedian, and Professional sign language watcher Paul Hungerford stops by and gives us our funniest, longest podcast yet! We talk about everything geek plus we do the top 10 dads of sci-fi!


Episode #19 – Middle Aged Wolf
Holy  monkey’s anarchy Batman! Geektastic is back with a whole new podcast, lucky for you its the best one yet! We talk about: Tuesday DVD Releases, New Star Wars TV Show, Yahoo buying Tumblr, Radioactive Russian Lizards, The new Xbox System, and the top ten best robots of all time!


Episode #18 – The Search For More Money
One half of Picard Manuever  – Adam Fanshier – stops by the Geektastic Podcast to drop some knowledge and obscure references! In this podcast we talk about: DVD/Tuesday, Guys With Guitars are more attractive, Handicap at Disneyworld, Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D., Medieval Times the Movie, and top 10 tv shows to movies! Huzzah!



Episode #17 Ice Age 17- The Civil War
Dusty and Mike are in their Prime for this Geektastic! This episode they tackle the hot topics of: DVD/Video Game Releases, Youtube Charging for Subscriptions, Avengers 2, 3D Printed Gun, Star Wars video games, and we count down the top 10 First Person Shooters of all time! ALL TIME!
Episode #16 Now On Kindle- Feat. Michael Rayner
Michael Rayner comes to Geektastic and takes over! Dusty and Mike take a back seat to Michael as he gives incite to the seedy underbelly that is geeky Hollywood. Fear not though, we still get to DVD releases and the top 10 Sci-Fi films of all time!
3b5969ba8cf3563a5508eedba6b2c002Episode #15 Good News Everyone!
Good news everyone! Dusty and Mike are back from vacation to bring you an all new Geektastic Podcast! In this podcast discuss DVD/Video Game Releases, Ordering pizza through your Xbox, The new Thor trailer, Groping your lover app, Futurama being cancelled, and the top 10 Futurama episodes.


Episode #14 The Geek Knight Rises
Like the phoenix rises, the Geektastic Podcast is back for another week! With special guest Lance Lowe we talk about Tuesday DVD/Video Game Releases, Finding Dory, Batman: Arkham Origins, Battle Ship Lasers, and the top 10 Female Comic Book Females.
geektastic rollercoaster
Episode #13 Roller Coaster of Geek… Say What?

Up and down we go on this audio thrill rider we call the Geektastic Podcast. This episode we talk about Tuesday DVD/Video Game Releases,  DNA Furniture, Turtle Smuggling, Disney’s Iron Man 3 exhibit, New Dr. Who, and of course Top 10 Side Kicks of all time.


Episode #12 The Adventures Of Old Geektastic
The boys are back serving up giant servings of Geek information with a side of comedy. We talk about DVD Release Tuesday, The new Video Game System – Ouya, 5 Year olds finding Dinosaurs, buying distant planets, and we play ‘Name the Spin Off!’
milhouse 2]
Episode #11 Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse
Everything is coming up Geektastic! Come listen to this episode of geektastic where we tackle DVD and Video Game releases, Godzilla remake of a remake of a remake, real life phasers, birds getting smarter, and the top 25 greatest Simpson’s side characters.
Episode #11 The Star Trek Episode
All things Star Trek! Ever wanted to know everything about the Star Trek Universe? Well this podcast answers that question! Trekkie Adam Feuerberg comes on (as the first guest) and Vulcan Mind melds us with knowledge!
Episode #10 Meanwhile On The Internet…
Along with numbering the episode wrong, Michael and Dustin hatch a plan to make funnies all over the internet! Will their evil plan be stopped or will nerdy humor rule?  DVD Releases, Poop filled rockets, Faster Internet, and of course our countdown! (5 best/worst video game movies).
Episode #8 Curse You Wolf Blitzer
We have our Tuesday Releases, 3-D computers, Pluto’s moon names, and the top 10 action movies of all time! We also make fun of Wolf Blitzer to get an fans that are older than 27 years old.
Episode #7 For Your Consideration
Tuesday Releases, Space Cooking, Talking Clothes, and geeks that have been snubbed for the Oscars. We promise, actual segment intros… next podcast.
ep 6 pic
Episode #6 For The Love Of Dinos
Tuesday Releases, Zombie Scares, Asteroids, Gifts for that special geek someone, and we find out the hard way we really need to hire a jingle guy.
its-dangerous-to-go-alone-take-thisEpisode #5 Here Comes The Big Bang
We introduce a brand new segment – Tuesday Releases! Plus King Richard III, Drones, New Game Console, Jailbreak for iOS6, Hello Kitty, 5 Best/Worst Pop Culture Dinos.
Episode #4 Geeky Frontier
We start naming our episodes, plus we talk new iOS, Trackor Beams, Vine, Star Wars, and New TV Pilots
Episode #3
We talk about the Batmobile being auctioned, Steven Hawking’s New Voice, 15 of the scariest Muppets, and More!
mike hover
Episode #2
In this episode we talk Animation Domination and Jurassic Park! 


Episode #1
Where it all began!
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