Son of Batman Review

SON_OF_BATMAN_880X660_5344c795d06255.65710895On Tuesday the animated movie “Son of Batman” debut. It lands somewhere in the middle between “Batman and Robin” and “The Dark Knight.” It is a perfect blend of serious action and terrible dialogue without the added benefit of having ex-Governor Schwarzenegger. “Son of Batman” should also be called “BatDad.” That title makes the movie clear on what it is about. Originally this movie stemmed from the comic book “Batman and Son.” The slight difference in the name carries over to the movie and comic book. They are not entirely the same, but there are elements that both mediums use. For example they both have Batman. That sums up all the similarities.

batman-and-son-tpb_cover-art“Son of Batman” makes the audience believe that it is a story about the son of Batman. The story of Batman’s son, Damian Wayne proves that all Wayne’s grow up violent. Damian Wayne is also the son of Talia al Ghul, the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul. A quick reminder to everybody, Ra’s al Ghul is the leader of the League of Assassins or Liam Neeson. That would make a great story. Damian Wayne being trained by the League of Assassins, then using his training to assassinate people to later meet Batman only to reveal he is the son of Batman. That movie sounds amazing, but this is not that movie.

Damian WayneThis movie starts with ninjas training and Damian looking over them with his mother, grandfather, and uncle. A moment later they are attacked by ninja’s with automatic riffles and black-hawk helicopters. The best way to kill a ninja is by being a ninja with a gun or any weapon made in the 1900s, unless your last name is Ghul, then those weapons are useless. Throughout the entire fight ninjas die screaming. Ninjas do not scream when they die. Ninjas grunt, sigh, or yell vengeance right before they die, but they do not scream. Ra’s al Ghul taught them the way of the ninja scream. Ra’s al Ghul dies, but you need to watch his comical death.  Deathstroke immediately sets up the story that he is trying to take over the League of Assassins, which Damian Wayne takes upon himself to take revenge.

Son_of_Batman_-_Talia_al_Ghul_01After the destruction of their home, Damian and Talia sail to Gotham to meet Batman. Talia looks sexy in the scene of her meeting batman. Sexy enough to tell Batman he has a son then Batman immediately takes him without any questions or DNA testing. Once Batman see’s Damian he instantly get’s that perverted “I got a new young boy to put on that sexy Robin costume” look. Damian however is very different than all the other Robins. He has an edge that says “Dad you never played catch with me.” Actually everything he says is in that tone. The dialogue that Damian uses is for every child that is watching this. It is cute. He argues with Batman and Alfred like he is in a Nickelodeon cartoon, witty banter that children never use. Overlooking the terrible dialogue, the movie is really good.

DeathstrokeThere are a few villains that make it entertaining. Deathstroke, is not the one from the Teen Titans series that aired a few years ago. This water downed Deathstroke seems a lot weaker than the good one. Damian and Deathstroke fight at the end. The fight should have been a bit better. There was a point that I fell out of the story. Deathstroke sticks Damian to a metal container by stapling his forearms with swords then Damian forces his arms out by running them through the end. At that point this movie fell out. Even the Man-bats made sense to me, but to suffer an injury as painful as forearms being sliced through and not fall or even look like it hurt him was a stretch for me. This movie makes a lot of those stretches.

sonofbatmanThe best way to watch this movie is to Redbox it or rent it from your local video (secret illegal business front) store. Buying it might be worth it if you collect everything Batman stuff, but if you just want to watch something that will fill a batman void for the time being rent it, this will be a goodfix. Turn off the volume to enjoy it better because visually this is amazing.

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