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Screen-Shot-2014-03-10-at-10.38 After an entire episode of Daryl and Beth, half of another episode was devoted to Daryl and Beth. The other half revolved around Sasha, Bob, and Maggie. To clear things up, only about a quarter of this episode was enjoyable. The Walking Dead is like reading a very boring book, but worse because at least with a book it is possible to skim through. In every scene they are running through the woods. The woods that happen to have a magical train track running through it that everybody can find, except Daryl and Beth.

post-38889-Beth-piano-Daryl-coffin-meme-W-l7ZMDaryl and Beth apparently found an abandon house that took care of Walkers to make them look like they were still dead people. This house had everything, even a dream of Daryl and Beth living there like normal people. Beth plays the piano beautifully. She plays it so well that Daryl can comfortably sleep in a coffin. They forgot that noise attracts Walkers though. Did they think that Walkers were a bunch of music hating beings that would do anything to avoid the wonderful sound of the piano? Of course not, they are just stupid people playing pianos and burning houses to the ground. The attack of Walkers on the house of music is not a surprise; the surprise is that there were people waiting for them to run out. Beth is kidnapped by an old car that is so old Daryl thinks he can chase it down on foot. Daryl runs all night after the car, he is after all part werewolf (spoilers). At the end of his run he is caught by other people that are just like him. The guy in charge of this new wild group compliments Daryl’s crossbow skills because the only person with great crossbow skills is Napoleon Dynamite. This leads to another week of horrible Daryl and Beth storyline because Maggie found the magical train tracks.

sign-640x359Bob actually opened up the show. He was walking alone with really great survival skills. His ability to make a comfortable living situation came in handy while he tried to get drunk off of cough medicine. Bob and Sash also kissed in this episode, a kiss that made it possible for seventh graders to believe in love again. Maggie left the two love birds after Sasha told Bob in the loudest outdoor voice possible about how dumb going after Glenn is. Maggie leaves them to do blood graffiti for Glenn so that he knows where she is and where she is going. Sasha tells Bob her plan and Bob thinks it is dumb, so he goes after Maggie by himself. Sasha’s plan of finding a tall building is also dumb, but Bob doesn’t want to mess up his new relationship so that is why he doesn’t tell her anything. Sasha eventually finds Maggie hiding with dead bodies so that Walkers don’t kill her. After a cool back to back battle with Walkers Sasha and Maggie go after Bob who is alone looking for Maggie.

This episode is only leading to the season finale which is in a few weeks where Beth will probably die. Her addition of lines only means she will die. The added love to one of the shows best character also means she will die. Her constant crying of being useless, like her father, then finally gaining skills to be useful makes her a great candidate to die. Beth is running on the same path as T-Dog. Remember T-Dog he was cool. This is the second episode of where Rick and Carl are not in so that means nobody cried. T-Dog is missed more that Rick and Carl at this point, bring back T-Dog!!!characterstwds3-t-dog

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